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Kurt and the Sophisticated Lady will be collaborating with the Koriolis Kamerkoor to bring you W|A|R on Saturday June 17, 2017   After an inspiring first meeting with Joris Derder, the dynamic and creative conductor of Koriolis, our work can begin!

A spoonful of sugar?

I see Kurt and the Sophisticated Lady as a chance to add that spoonful of sugar to the medicine that has to go down. Let me explain. Essentially, I’m by nature a lightweight – I’m at my best when I can have a laugh. But I can’t entirely ignore the wider world, and certainly not […]

Norwich in July

A Quatre Mains

KSL this Sunday, May 1st at 11am in Ghent

Kurt and the Sophisticated Lady Quatre Mains Klaviercentrum, Kwaadham 52, 9000 Gent.