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Project Hildegard #17

Here’s one that couldn’t be more appropriate for International Mother’s Day in COVID-19 times. It’s a big one. o clarissima mater sancte medicine – o radiant mother of holy medicine o clarissima mater sancta medicine tu ungenta per sanctum filium tuum infudisti in plangentia vulnera mortis que eva edificavit in tormenta animarum tu destruxisit mortem […]

Project Hildegard #16

This one was really fun to do. I made a second voice by turning the manuscript upside down and reading the chant from right to left – as if it were in a mirror. o frondons virga – seen in the mirror of fa

Project Hildegard #15

Here’s another one for Spring: o frondons virga – the blossoming branch o frondens virga in tua nobilitate stans sicut aurora procedit nunc gaude et laetare et nos debiles dignare a mala consuetudine liberare atque manum tuam porrige ad erigendum nos And I’ve just had a super idea of how to play with this one! […]

Project Hildegard #14

Today I decided that this project should cover all 77 of Hildegard von Bingen’s liturgical chants. It’s a rather ambitious aim! Help! Here is the second version of my randomly chosen chant number 4. o viridissima virga 2 – the greenest branch: hope springs eternal O greenest branch, hail, sprung forth in the wind from […]

Project Hildegard #13

o viridissima virga 1 – singing into a flower pot For this first version of ‘o greenest branch,’ I have created a different kind of recording studio (see picture below). Rather an appropriate solution, given the words. With thanks to Francis, for encouraging me to improve the quality of my audio, and to Anne for […]