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Ut Sol


In 2003 Jos Somsen and I founded ensemble Ut Sol. The group specializes in the study and performance of 12th and 13th century vocal music using original notation.

We create programmes that set this beautiful music within a framework according to either a religious or historical theme.

Ut Sol builds on our experience with our previous vocal ensemble Trigon, winner in 1998 of the International Young Artists’ Presentation (Festival of Flanders), Antwerp, Belgium.

In addition to giving concerts, Ut Sol holds workshops exploring the rich world of medieval music and encouraging improvisation.


Ut Sol concentrates on:

  • the interpretation of 12th and early 13th century polyphony from the Ecole de Notre Dame (Léonin and Pérotin)
  • Gregorian chant sung according to a French 13th century interpretation

Ut Sol’s programmes include:

  • Music for the Feast of the Holy Trinity
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine, 1122 – 1204 : The Life and Loves of a Medieval Queen

Fontevraud Abbey with the tombs of Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II

Here are some audio clips from Ut Sol’s repertoire :

  • Que est ista : Gregorian chant.  Penelope Turner, Jos Somsen, Ildiko Hajnal and Guido Groenland.
  • Deum time : Organum Duplum.  Penelope Turner, Jos Somsen, Ildiko Hajnal and Guido Groenland.
  • Redit etas aurea : Conductus.  Penelope Turner and Jos Somsen.