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Classic Meets Cabaret

Penelope Turner – voice; Andrew Wise – piano

Not just a Song Recital

  • Francis Poulenc, Samuel Barber, Benjamin Britten and Andrew Wise
  • an intimate atmosphere involving the audience directly
  • equal attention to both music and words

Light and Shade

  • from serious and intense to light-heartedly humorous
  • contrast and variety
Classic Meets Cabaret
  • an effervescent blend of cabaret and song recital in a delightful double-act
  • interpreting poetry through music
  • no invisible curtain between audience and artists
  • a programme in English and French


  • “Penelope Turner and Andrew Wise entranced their audience with a sparkling song recital that was by turn touching, humorous and thought-provoking… We will certainly be asking them back.” Rupert Carter, Cambridge Society of Belgium
  • “Het was werkelijk heel mooi: onderhoudend en aangrijpend, en natuurlijjk prachtig gezongen en voorgedragen.  Het was anderhalf uur lang alsof je werd meegenomen van het ene naar het andere lied, van de ene emotie naar de andere, soms tegengestelde – en dat terwijl de tijd voorbij vloog zonder één moment van inzinking.” Ger Groot, writer and philosopher

Programme Details

Francis Poulenc – Banalités (1940). Words by Guillaume Apollinaire.

  • Chanson d’Orkenise
  • Hôtel
  • Fagnes de Wallonie
  • Voyage à Paris
  • Sanglots

Andrew Wise – Three Auden Songs (2006). Words by W.H.Auden.

  • Musée des Beaux Arts
  • Roman Wall Blues
  • Autumn Song

Benjamin Britten – Cabaret Songs (1937). Words by W.H. Auden.

  • Tell me the truth about love
  • Funeral Blues
  • Johnny
  • Calypso

Samuel Barber – Despite and Still, Op. 41 (1969). Words by Robert Graves, Theodore Roethke, James Joyce.

  • A Last Song
  • My Lizard (Wish for a Young Love)
  • In the Wilderness
  • Solitary Hotel
  • Despite and Still