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Just Kurt

Penelope Turner, voice and Andrew Wise, piano

Norwich 21Norwich 13

explore the songs of KURT WEILL : his greatest hits and his lesser-known gems…

‘a brilliant innovation’

  ‘an absolute joy’

  ‘thoroughly enjoyable’

Berlin theatre songs, 1940s Broadway hits and French chansons à texte. The golden thread is the music of Kurt Weill, whose brilliant settings enhance the bite of the elegant and provocative texts provided by Bert Brecht, Ira Gershwin, Ogden Nash and Maurice Magre. Penelope and Andrew’s tried and tested double-act is perfect for this music. Their interpretation is modern and sassy; a high-quality musical performance combines with a pithy text-biased approach: a perfect new setting for a string of vintage pearls.


Recent Performances:

  • L’Archiduc Café, Brussels on September 9th and 22nd, 2013;
  • Bassenheimer Hof, Rüdesheim on 22nd March, 2014;
  • vzw Machine Gent, Eeklo on 17th May, 2014;
  • Norfolk and Norwich Chamber Music Series on 6th July, 2014

“dominant, self-confident in decadence, with a wicked look in her eye”; “deep tones alternating with forceful ringing top notes”; “Andrew Wise had the steady crispness of a snare drum, with bite in the rhythms”; “his tango was tactile. She put a snarl into the character of Mack the Knife”; “chillingly macabre” Eastern Daily Press, July 2014

“die Songs, die [Kurt Weill] uns in seinem kurzen Leben geschenkt hat, sind unvergessen. Und kaum eine singt sie so leidenschaftlich und gekonnt wie Penelope Turner” Frankfurter Rundschau, March 2014

“ein perfektes Duo”; “sie glänzten” Rheingau Echo, March 2014