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Touching the hand of royalty…

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog.  In my defence, April and May have been incredibly busy months (and for a self-employed musician, that’s the best possible reason for getting a little behind with the paperwork…)

Now that June is here I’ve once more got time to get out the hoover and to re-establish some order in my life.

Keeping me the most busy these last few weeks has been a typically ambitious project conceived by the musical educative centre ReMuA.  Under the management of Sarah Goldfarb, I have been working in two primary schools : St Henri, Woluwe St Lambert and Schaerbeek 13.  The project ‘Choeur à lEcole’ got everyone in the school singing (including the teachers!) and culminated in a magnificent concert at the Brussels Conservatory, in collaboration with another of Sarah’s schools projects, ‘Orchestre à l’Ecole’.

What an achievement!  A big thank you from me to everyone involved and in particular the children and staff of ‘my’ two schools for their energy and commitment.

The children themselves wrote the texts of the songs, which we then set to music.  They performed with various young professional musicians, notably the New Orleans Trio Big Noise (style Louis Armstrong on speed).  And with a little visit from Princess Mathilde, it was quite an experience. And a challenge, as I was expected to conduct, play the ‘cello and sing solo…

Now I’m not really a royalist, but I must admit that the presence of a Royal adds something extra to an event.  After the concert a small group of us were invited to perform at the Serres de Laeken for the Fondation Reine Paola.  Not something that happens every day; and I admit – being saluted by the guards as I drove away felt pretty good!

Here’s a link to find out more about ReMuA.  And do check out Big Noise – they’re definitely worth it.

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