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What’s on in Brussels

It’s not always easy to know what’s going on in the Brussels’ cultural scene.  While there are good search engines available online (Uit in Brussel, for example – although you do have to be able to get by in Dutch), it can be difficult to find out about upcoming events unless you already know what you’re looking for.  A superfluity of superficial information is rather the problem.

My frustration at not having a good overview of upcoming events that interest me has pushed me into exploring a new category of blog for my website.  My first ‘What’s On’ blog is an experiment.  There is no point in my trying to be comprehensive.  Rather, I have highlighted interesting events featuring classical music, jazz, or the performing arts (dance, theatre etc.) where music plays a central role.

It’s an idea in the process of being worked out – time will tell if it proves useful.  Feel free to give me feedback.

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