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What’s on in Brussels : 1 – 7 November

Monday 1st November

  • Jazz: Master Session, Eric Vermeulen (piano), Mimi Verderame (drums) and Sal La Rocca (double bass), Sounds Jazz Club, rue de la Tulipe 28, 1050 Ixelles at 22:00.  Haven’t got a music link for this trio, but here’s Sal La Rocca.
  • Piano Bar: Victor Abel, Café Bonnefooi, rue des Pierres 8, 1000 Brussels at 22:00.  Ambiance!

Tuesday 2nd November

  • Jazz: Raf Debacker Trio, Raphaël Debacker (keyboards), Cédric Raymond (bass) and Lionel Beuvens (drums), Théâtre Marni, rue des Vergnies 25, 1050 Ixelles at 21:30.  This week this easy to listen to trio is at the Marni.
  • Jazz: Ewout Pierreux Quintet, Ewout Pierreux (piano), Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet), Bruno Vansina (sax), Clemens van der Feen (bass) and Lieven Venken (drums), The Music Village, Steenstraat 50, 1000 Brussel at 20:30.  Very smooth.

Wednesday 3rd November

  • Prokofiev’s Cello Sonata and Moscheles Cello Sonata: Olsi Leka (cello) and Daniel Blumenthal (piano), BOZAR, Hall M, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels at 12:40.  An intimate lunch concert with my favourite instrument, and only 6 euros!
  • Jazz: Augusto Piroda Quartet, Augusto Piroda (piano) Ben Sluijs (saxophone, flute), Manolo Cabras (double bass)and Marek Patrman (drums), Jazz Station, Leuvensesteenweg 163, 1210 Saint Josse at 20:30.  Free jazz.
  • Jazz: Pink Free Evolution at Café Bonnefooi, Steenstraat 8, 1000 Brussels at 22:00. Experimental, but quite soft.

Thursday 4th November

  • Debussy, Schubert and Ravel Violin Sonatas and Messiaen’s Theme and Variations for violin and piano: Janine Jansen (violin) and Itamar Golan (piano), Royal Brussels Conservatory, Regentschapsstraat 30, 1000 Brussel at 20:00.  Tickets from 23 euros.
  • Blues: Marc Lelangue Band, Alain Palizeul (trombone), Chantal Kashala (voice), Laurent Doumont (tenor sax), Marc Lelangue (guitar & vocals), Nina Babet (voice), Olivier Bodson (trumpet), Patrick Dorcéan (drums) and Philippe Reul (keyboards), Sound Jazz Club, Tulpstraat 28, 1050 Ixelles at 22:00.  No audio easily available, but he’s a blues man.
  • Klezmer Music: Krupnik, Joëlle Strauss (violin, viola and voice), Jean-Pierre Debacker (clarinet), André Reinitz (piano, accordion and voice), Vilmos Csikos (bass), The Music Village, Steenstraat 50, 1000 Brussels at 20:30.  Jewish music from Eastern Europe – a unique style.
  • Jazz: Jazz Station Big Band, Stéphane Mercier (alto sax), Daniel Stokart (alto sax), Fred Delplancq (tenor sax), Vincent Brijs (baritone sax), Peer Baierlein (trompet), Michel Paré (trompet), Martial Delangre (trompet), Dree Peremans (trombone), David Devrieze (trombone) Gilles Repond (bass trombone), Vincent Bruyninckx (piano), François Decamps (guitar), Piet Verbiest (contrabass) and Herman Pardon (drums), Jazz Station, Leuvensesteenweg 163, 1210 Sint-Joost at 20:00.  Should be excellent if big band is your thing.

Friday 5th November

  • Ignaz Vitzthumbs and contemporaries (Grétry, Gossec): Paleis van Karel Van Lotharingen, Music Department of the Royal Library of Belgium, Museumplein 1, 1000 Brussels at 12:30.  18th century opera fragments.  Tickets only 5 euros.
  • Mozart’s ?, Beethoven’s ? and Chopin’s ? : Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles with Frédéric Rouel (piano), Royal Brussels Conservatory, Regentschapsstr. 3, 1000 Brusselat 20:00.  Sadly, the details of this concert are impossible to find at present.  Which puts me off going, frankly.
  • Jazz: Robin Verheyen Quartet, Bill Carrothers (piano), Dré Pallemaerts (drums),Nicolas Thys (bass)and Robin Verheyen (sax), Sounds Jazz Club, Tulpstraat 28, 1050 Ixelles at 22:00.  Also playing Saturday night.
  • Jazz: Phillipe Duchemin (piano), Dano Haider (guitar), Sam Gerstmans (bass), The Music Village, rue des Pierres 50, 1000 Brussels at 21:00.  Classic swing jazz, very cleanly executed.
  • Blues: Coco Montoya, GC Nekkersdal, E. Bockstaelln. 107, 1020  Laken at 20:00.  The newly formed Brussels Blues Society launches a series of concerts designed to put blues back centre-stage.

Saturday 6th November

  • Jazz: Lewinsky Quartet, Rolf Delfos (sax), Pascal Vermeer (drums) and Arno Krijger (Hammond organ), Jazz Station, Leuvensesteenweg 163, 1210 Sint-Joost at 18:00.  This is a good one for everyone, I think.  Very nice.
  • Jazz: Michel Mainil Quartet, Michel Mainil (sax), Alain Rochette (piano), José Bedeur (bass), Antoine Cirri (drums), The Music Village, Steenstraat 50, 1000 Brussel at 21:00.  Experimental, ‘surrealist’ jazz.

Sunday 7th November

  • Iranian music: Shahkilid “Nedaye Asemani”, Dadmehr (tombak, daf), Shahram Mirialali (tar, barbat), Davood Varzideh (ney) and Jan Kuijken (cello), BOZARSundays, Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussel at 11:00.  3 Iranian musicians and a Belgian cellist who improvise.  Distinctly Persian.  Tickets 8 euros, or 11 euros with breakfast.
  • Victor Kissine’s Cello Sonata and String Trio: Serge Clément (piano), Eric Robberecht (violin) and Jean-Pol Zanutel (cello), Espace Senghor, CC d’Etterbeek, Chaussée de Wavre 366, 1040 Etterbeek at 11:30.  Works by a contemporary Russian composer, rather in the old style.  There is a dance workshop before the concert based on the music to be played (novel idea).
  • North Indian Raga Music: David Trasoof and Arup Sen gupta (sarode and tabla), Art Base, 29 rue des Sables, 1000 Brussels at 18:00. More Indian music at Art Base this week.

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