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Vespers in York Minster

I was very happy to be singing with Stevie Wishart’s group Sinfonye this summer, performing Stevie’s Vespers for Hildegard of Bingen as part of the York Early Music Festival in York Minster.

The Vespers is Stevie’s creative re-imagining of a choral evensong, and it was written in honour of Hildegard of Bingen who was made a Doctor of the church in October 2012. The work interweaves some of Hildegard’s original melodies with psalms and Stevie’s own polyphonic pieces. It is scored for voices, harp, bells, percussion and organ.

Stevie succeeded superbly in creating a very particular atmosphere as her original sound filled the Minster’s Quire. Her Vespers has been recorded and has received good reviews.

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