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Project Hildegard #3 (3)

karitas habundat 3 – the neumes unite

So, I wondered what would happen if I chose a particular neume (that’s what the notational symbols are called) and sung all of the neumes of that type, one after the other. I recorded every note of the piece using this system of grouping the neumes, and when I came to put it together it took on a life of its own!

I started with the pes, which is the first voice you hear. If you are curious, you can follow it using the picture below – where I’ve circled all the pes in red.

Voice 2 is the quilisma; voice 3 is the virga with liquescence; voice 4 is the distropha and the pressus (or is it a virga strata?); voice 5 is the torculus (and anything that ressembles it) and closely entwined with it, voice 6 is the virga and the punctum; voice 7, right at the very end, is the clivis.

I love that ‘kiss of peace’ came out as originally intended 🙂

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