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Project Hildegard #14 (2)

o beata infantia – for six voices

I decided to mix rhythmic and free passages for this one. I started by writing the second voice that accompanies the chant, picking out important words from the text to form a calm, sustained line and adding a third voice that sings the same words as the second voice, but as a kind of drone.

I then created the opening section by introducing some rhythm into the chant’s accompanying melody, and turning it into what is essentially a five-voice canon, with the sixth voice a rhythmic drone. However, the canon is sung only once before the chant comes in, which means that only the first voice gets to sing all six phrases; each subsequent voice has one phrase fewer. Also, only the melody is in canon – the voices all sing the same words at the same time.

This revisiting has been great fun to do, though I must admit it turned out not at all as expected (my original plan was to write a sort of lullaby).

I’ve begun to transcribe it. Here’s the first page:

This project is now on SoundCloud

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