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Interviewed for Hors-Champ, radio RCF Liège

On May 25, 2022, I was interviewed (in French) by Bénédicte Minguet about Hildegard, her healing qualities, and my Hildegard Revisited project. You can listen to the broadcast here. Thank you, Bénédicte!

Project Hildegard #39

An appropriate one for Pentecost. o ignee spiritus Fiery spirit praise be to you who works through drums and psalteries. Human minds blaze through you and the tabernacle of their souls contains their powers. From where the will ascends and gives taste to the soul and desire is its light. Intellect calls you with the […]

Project Hildegard #38 (2)

Here is my revisiting of o rubor sanguinis. I wrote this piece with the people of Ukraine in my heart. It is an anthem that honours the life and courage of those whose blood is spilt, whose lives are ruined. You are my grandfather, my father, mother, son. #standingwithukraine #stopthewar For more about this project […]

Project Hildegard #38

The next chant in this series is dedicated to all those suffering in Ukraine as a result of this bloody war. My grandmother was born in Zhytomyr and my heart is with all those who have lost loved ones and whose world has been turned upside. Back in the twelfth century, Hildegard wrote this chant […]

Standing with Ukraine – the blood of innocents

As I work on a new revisiting for Project Hildegard, the people of Ukraine are very much in my thoughts. I share a previous piece from this project here, as it seems to me to be very appropriate: o rex noster – the clouds weep Our king is prompt to receive the blood of the […]