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Project Hildegard Revisited – what’s a non-believer doing singing liturgical chants?

I am now halfway through my Hildegard Revisited project, which began at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown back in March 2020, and I think it’s the right moment for me to answer an important question: why am I, a twenty-first century non-believer, who has a love of facts and is bound by rational thinking, […]

Project Hildegard #40

With my hand out of action (damaged nerve from too much cycling!) and therefore unable to play my cello and finish #39(2) for the time being 🙁 here is #40 getting me back in the saddle (so to speak). This one gave me plenty to think about, as the manuscript seems to contain errors that […]

Project Hildegard #39(2) TEASER!

I have started revisiting my 39th chant. It’s a long one – 8:30 mins, or there abouts – so to give you an idea of what it will become (and to motivate myself to stick at it…) here’s the beginning as a taster. The rest will follow soon 🙂 o ignee spiritus – giving taste […]

Interviewed for Hors-Champ, radio RCF Liège

On May 25, 2022, I was interviewed (in French) by Bénédicte Minguet about Hildegard, her healing qualities, and my Hildegard Revisited project. You can listen to the broadcast here. Thank you, Bénédicte!

Project Hildegard #39

An appropriate one for Pentecost. o ignee spiritus Fiery spirit praise be to you who works through drums and psalteries. Human minds blaze through you and the tabernacle of their souls contains their powers. From where the will ascends and gives taste to the soul and desire is its light. Intellect calls you with the […]