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Category Archives: Weekly Thought

There is no flower quite as lugubrious as a dead hydrangea

Magritte Museum in Brussels

The new Magritte Museum opened its doors in June.  We went for a visit in August with children in tow and I’m happy we did.  It was a very agreeable experience – good space, well-hung pictures and thought-provoking. We stood for a long time under a set of panels that hang infront of the entrance […]

Celebrating Lorna

Last Tuesday saw me whizzing back on the Eurostar to England for a Memorial Service in celebration of Lorna.  I don’t fully understand why it is so important for us human beans to hold a ceremony to celebrate certain events.  I suspect that it’s about intensifying that event by providing us with the opportunity to […]


In the publicity blurb introducing Kornél Mundruczó’s ‘Frankenstein-Project’ (Kunstenfestivaldesarts this May) it says that his piece is ‘set on the edges of society and thematises our hypocrisy’ because ‘we are fascinated by the woman with three breasts but look the other way if we see a beggar’. This made me ponder why we look away […]

The right comparison

My sister has a knack of getting to the heart of the matter.  We were talking recently about the competitive nature of humans.  Of course we are bound to make comparisons – it is unavoidable, and even necessary.  However, what she reminded me of was this : It is important to make the right comparison.    […]