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Celebrating Lorna

Last Tuesday saw me whizzing back on the Eurostar to England for a Memorial Service in celebration of Lorna.  I don’t fully understand why it is so important for us human beans to hold a ceremony to celebrate certain events.  I suspect that it’s about intensifying that event by providing us with the opportunity to give it our undivided attention.  Anyhow, I know that one should never miss a wedding or a funeral.  If one does, one is sure to regret it.  I’ve learnt that from experience.

The memorial service for Lorna was excellently put together.  Every item was carefully chosen and the end result was an utterly personal service that was more beautiful than it was sad and that brought Lorna briefly but intensely back to life.  Lorna’s coffin was placed between the pews of the church choirstalls, and, as we sang across her coffin, with her photo smiling up at us from the order of service, her presence was undeniable.

Since Tuesday my thoughts have often been with the old friends whom I was so happy to see again and, of course, with Lorna’s family; those people who must now adjust to a different daily life – without her sharp wit and the brilliance of her focus.

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