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Category Archives: Weekly Thought

Tempo – oh so important

I missed René Jacobs’ opening concert for the Klara festival in Brussels.  And so I listened eagerly when I heard parts of it broadcast as the ‘best of’ on the radio. I had high expectations. An impressive man is René Jacobs. I had read Rudy Tambuyser’s article in Staalkaart. I was prepared to be made […]

Symphonic Music LIVE!!

Last month we took the children to a Sunday afternoon concert at the BOZAR.  The National Orchestra of Belgium (ONB) played William Walton’s Viola Concert (with Antoine Tamestit) and the 10th Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich. We had seats in the loges directly over the cellos.  What an experience!  The Shostakovich is such physically exciting music.  […]

The State of Things

Yesterday I visited the exhibition ‘The State of Things‘ at the BOZAR in Brussels. I have to say that I was disappointed.  After seeing Manu Riche’s excellent documentary on BOZAR’s Paul Dujardin and the making of the exhibition (De Lange Mars, part of the Hoge Bomen series), perhaps my expectations were too high. ‘The State […]

In praise of the ground bass

I have always been terrified of boredom.  I admit that sometimes this fear may have led me to overcomplicate things (both personally and professionally…) Now, I understand that simple can be good, but I don’t like things to be too predictable; it has got to remain interesting.  There is, for me, a clear example in […]

M HKA in Antwerp

Although it sounds vaguely African, in fact, the M HKA is the newly done-up modern art museum in Antwerp.  I visited it this week and I was impressed. The building that houses M HKA is immediately inviting; the architecture is unusual and eyecatching. Also, it’s located in a great part of Antwerp, not far from […]