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Off to Périgord

Very happy to be off again tomorrow with Mora Vocis to sing the beautiful programme ‘Mater Dolorosa – Femmes au Tombeau’. This time it’s for the Sinfonia en Périgord, Eglise de Bassilac, France. The concert is on Friday August 26th at 5 pm.

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Tomorrow evening in Brussels Cathedral…

On Tuesday 23rd August at 8 pm there is the closing concert of Music for Peace, the fifth edition of Ars in Cathedrali. Works by Michael Weckmann played by the Ensemble Oltremontano, organists Adrian Hoek and Xavier Deprez and a quartet of singers (amongst whom yours truly) under the direction of Wim Becu.


KSL in the Norfolk and Norwich Chamber Music Series

Andrew and I will be back in Roger Rowe’s wonderful Chapel for another KSL adventure next weekend. Songs in German, French and English – luckily for us Norwich voted Remain…

Norwich 18 Norwich 6 Norwich 4 Norwich 13




A big thank you to Cornelius Nolte for his great photos…

Rüdesheim 2015-03-28 - 6 cropped Rüdesheim 2015-03-28 - 5 cropped Rüdesheim 2015-03-28 - 4 cropped Rüdesheim 2015-03-28 - 3 cropped Rüdesheim 2015-03-28 - 2 Rüdesheim 2015-03-28 - 1 cropped Rüdesheim 2015 7 cropped



























Cornelius Nolte © 2015

So happy to be singing with Mora Vocis

Pour (ré)écouter le concert de Mora Vocis MATER DOLOROSA – FEMMES AU TOMBEAU, suivez le lien :…/avondconcert…
Concert du 4 juin 2016 à ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL) avec Caroline Marçot, Clotilde Cantau, Els Janssens-Vanmunster, Emilie Nicot et Penelope Turner
Musique médiévale et contemporaine dont “Femmes au Tombeau”, oeuvre en 5 parties, commande de l’Abbaye de Sylvanès en 2015 à Caroline Marçot, et créée par Mora Vocis en août dernier lors du Festival International de l’Abbaye de Sylvanès.

Mora Vocis's Profile Photo