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A few changes

A quick blog to signal a few changes recently made to my website.

Now that Andrew Wise and I have several programmes of music centred around Kurt Weill, and with our official video soon to be released, it’s time to give the band a name:

Kurt and the Sophisticated Lady

brings together the programmes

and I have revamped my website in line with this.

AND, with the invaluable technical help of Joseph Cunningham, I have ordered my photos and put several slideshows in place. Check it out!

Now it’s wait and see…

Well, the video is in the bag. Exactly which bag it’s in remains to be seen… A big thank you to the whole team – it was an unforgettable, smokin’ hot adventure. I can’t wait to see the result!

Soon… The Official Video!!

There is work to be done before I go on holiday. At the beginning of July (OMG that’s in a week and a half’s time!), Andrew Wise and I, together with a very special guest star, will be recording our first ever professional video clip. The tension is beginning to mount.

What: Aha…

Where: Secret destination!

When: July 3rd, 2015!

With Guest Star: Wait and see!

Under a new name: All will be revealed!

Wish us luck…

Bittersweet Weill: a new Facebook address…

‘Just Kurt’ and ‘Marlene in Paris’ have a Facebook page all of their own…


Marlene in Norwich – Sunday June 7th, 2015

It’s with great pleasure that Andrew and I take our Marlene in Parisprogramme to Norwich next weekend.

The Norfolk and Norwich Chamber Music Series, which hosted our Just Kurtprogramme last summer, has asked us back. You are very welcome to join us in Roger Rowe’s beautiful venue for a feast of music by Kurt Weill, Francis Poulenc, Edith Piaf and Friedrich Holländer: a programme inspired by Marlene Dietrich and her years in 1930s Paris.

Meanwhile, a little reminder of last year…

Reservation by telephone or email strongly recommended: Roger Rowe, tel/fax: 01603 621169;