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Hildegard von Bingen in the Brussels Cathedral!

I’m very excited to announce an intensive Hildegard von Bingen weekend in May! From Friday 24th May until Sunday 26th May, there will be concerts and conferences in the Brussels Cathedral. I will be singing on Sunday 26th at 6pm with La Noeva, as we present some of Hildegard’s chants together with the stunning Amour Caritas by Belgian composer Paula Defresne and some of my own compositions from my Hildegard Revisited project.

And that’s not all! From May 8th (vernissage on May 7th) until June 27th you can visit two wonderful installations, by artists Françoise Lesage and Anne Mortiaux, that will fill the Cathedral with Hildegard’s presence.

Below you will find the details. Come join us!

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