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Project Hildegard #35

Number 35 in this project is o quam mirabilis. An antiphon of thanks to the creator of all things and in praise of the “breath that awoke humankind.”

o quam mirabilis

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O how wondrous is the prescience of the divine heart that foreknew every creature. For when God looked into the face of humankind, whom he had formed, he beheld all his works in that same human form – entire. O how wondrous is the breath that woke humankind.

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POSTPONED – Concert on Saturday July 31st

Sadly, our concert at the Chateau de Harzé has been washed away with the recent floods. I am nonetheless aware of my relative good fortune: my thoughts are with those who have lost so much in the devastation – I hope you find a way to lift your spirits.

For Dal Canzonière there is some good news, as the concert has only been postponed and will take place later in the year. Here’s hoping that Covid will then be truly under control, and that the weather will have stopped its ravaging.

Concert of 16th century gems this Saturday July 31st at 8pm!

To commemorate 500 years since the destruction of the Chateau Fort de Logne, Dal Canzonière is giving a concert this coming Saturday, July 31st, at 8pm with Renaissance music from the 16th century. And because 1521 was also the year of Josquin Desprez’ death, it’s only fitting that we perform some of his greatest works – Mille regretz, Adieu mes amours, El Grillo…

Also on the menu are works by Compère, Obrecht, Brumel, Pierre de la Rue, and Jannequin. A veritable Renaissance feast!

In these highly regulated times, you do need to reserve with the venue, the Chateau de Harzé: you can ring 04 246 6363 or send an email to (see below for details of the different types of ticket available.)

Project Hildegard – Saint Disibod…

Today is the feast day of Saint Disibod, one of Hildegard’s all-time favourite saints. Among her 77 liturgical chants, she wrote no less than five in his honour.

As part of this projcet, I have so far set two: no. 13 o viriditas digiti dei – growth surrounds him

and no. 14 (written for the women’s a cappella group La Noeva) o beata infantia – a blessed childhood. This second piece will have a live airing during the Journées du Patrimoine 2021 at the abbey of Maredret, the weekend of September 11th, 12th. The La Noeva will sing six short interventions during the weekend, each one featuring one of the six chants set specially for them (see my SoundCloud La Noeva playlist). We will be joined by the entrancing narrator and story-teller Julie Renson, do join us if you can 🙂

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This project is now on SoundCloud

Project Hildegard #34 (2b)

It’s been a long time coming, but part 2 of o jerusalem – city of gold is now ready!

I posted part 1 of this chant on May 25th (#34 (2a)). Here is part 2.

o jerusalem – city of gold part 2

part 2

#hildegardvonbingen #chantrevisited #ilovemycello

The Holy Spirit makes music in you, who belong to the chorus of angels, since in the son of God you are made beautiful, having no flaw. What a glorious vessel you are, o Rupert, you who in your childhood and youth gasped for God, in fear of God, in the embrace of love, and in the sweetest fragrance of good works. O jerusalem, your foundations are set with burning stones, that is, publicans and sinners: they are lost sheep, unless found through the Son of God, they run towards you and are placed in you. Thus your walls flash with living stones which, through an utmost study of good will, flew like clouds in the heavens. And so your towers, o jerusalem, glow red and shine through the glow and brilliance of the saints and all that God made beautiful, you lack nothing, o jerusalem. As you, adorned and beautiful, who live in Jerusalem, and you, o Rupert, who are their companion in this place, help us, the family that labours in exile.

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This project is now on SoundCloud