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Category Archives: Miscellaneous

Project Hildegard #32

Between the drilling and the banging of next door’s renovation project and the clicks and buzzes of my imperfect recording set-up, I post a hymn for Saint Matthias. Until 1969, the feast day of Saint Matthias was today – February 24th (it was then moved to May 14th so as not to fall within Lent). […]

Project Hildegard #31 (2)

And here, after several days head down in the zone :-), the votive antiphon for the VM o tu illustrata, set for five cellos and three voices. #hildegardvonbingen #chantrevisited #ilovemycello o tu illustrata – divine brightness O you, illuminated by the divine brightness, bright virgin mary, infused by god’s word, how your womb flowered by […]

Project Hildegard #31

February 2nd is the feast day for the purification of the Virgin Mary. It is also the feast of Candlemas – a celebration of the coming of light. I have selected o tu illustrata as my appropriate chant. It is a votive antiphon for the VM, who, according to the text, is lit by divine […]

Project Hildegard #30 (2)

My latest is a lament for all murdered innocents. rex noster – the clouds weep Our king is prompt to receive the blood of the innocents of whom the angels sing and make sound in praise but the clouds weep for the same blood. The tyrant however is suffocated by his own malice in the […]

Project Hildegard #30

On December 28th, it was the feast day in honour of the Holy Innocents. I have to admit that I had to double-check this one. It refers to the massacre by King Herod of all male children of two years old and under in and around Bethlehem. The Catholic Church regards them as the first […]