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Project Hildegard #36 (2)

This one has been a long time coming, but my wanderings have finally ended in an a cappella version for three voices. cum erubuerint – the wanderings of the fall #hildegardvonbingen #chantrevisited #acappella when they blushed, unhappy with their descendants, coming from the wanderings of the fall, then you cry out with a clear voice […]

6 mini concerts at the Abbey of Maredret (at 3.15pm, 4pm and 4.45pm) on both September 11 and 12

I am excited, honoured and frankly a little bit nervous to announce that six pieces from my Project Hildegard are to be performed as part of the Journées du Patrimoine on September 11 and 12. The female vocal ensemble La Noeva and the narrator Julie Renson will perform these mini concerts as an introduction to […]

Project Hildegard #36

In between two Marian feasts (the feast of the Assumption on August 15th and the feast of her Queenship on August 22nd) I post an antiphon in honour of the Virgin Mary. It’s a very beautiful one, and I’m looking forward to revisiting it 🙂 cum erubuerint #hildegardvonbingen #chant #facsimile when they blushed, unhappy with […]

Project Hildegard #35 (2)

Number 35 (2) is now ready 🙂 o quam mirabilis – the wondrous breath. #hildegardvonbingen #chantrevisited #ilovemycello O how wondrous is the prescience of the divine heart that foreknew every creature. For when God looked into the face of humankind, whom he had formed, he beheld all his works in that same human form – […]

500 years’ anniversary for Josquin Desprez

In celebration of the death of the late, great Josquin Desprez (ca. 1450 – August 27, 1521), I post a little home-recorded Mille Regretz that I have been working on. This is just one of the gems that will feature at our upcoming Dal Canzonière concert. The concert was to take place on July 31st, […]