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Category Archives: Miscellaneous

Happy New Year’s Resolution!

On this third day of 2023, I am recording my New Year’s resolution here, so that I remember it and try to stick to it! My resolution for 2023 is to expand the notion of kindness, which is for me an essential element on our road to peace and happiness, to encompass kindness to myself. […]

Project Hildegard #41(2)

Here is my version of Hildegard von Bingen’s kyrie eleison: kyrie eleison – have mercy Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. I took this picture of a double-headed eagle on our recent trip to Greece. Symbol of Byzantium and an important image for the Greece orthodox church, it seems an appropriate accompaniment […]

Project Hildegard #41

Only two of Hildegard von Bingen’s chants are directly linked to the Mass. The alleluia o virgo mediatrix, for which I have already made an a cappella setting, and the kyrie eleison. The kyrie is interesting, as it apparently borrows heavily from another chant – o lucidissima apostolorum turba – one of the chants whose […]

Project Hildegard #40 (2)

The B natural / B flat ambiguity in the manuscript inspired me to play around with two different modes for the revisiting of this one – one starting on D (transposed to A) and one starting on E. Hope you like it! o choruscans lux – shining gem o glittering starlight o most splendid and […]

Project Hildegard #39 (2)

This one has been a while coming. I first recorded Hildegard’s hymn o ignee spiritus back in June, but then life got in the way and I’ve only just been able to finish my revisiting more than three months later. From the start of this project my method has been to first record the chant […]