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Let the whole school sing!

Last Monday evening the Sainte-Marie primary school of St Gilles, Brussels, put on a concert involving the whole school.  It was a wonderful turn out, and the pupils did themselves proud.  What a success : bravo à tous!

The concert was the culmination of phase I of an educative project set up by ReMuA : Etoiles et Voix.  Over the past eight weeks I have been working in the school as their ‘adopted’ singer, helping the children to develop their voices and teaching them a repertoire of specially arranged opera arias in line with the project’s inspiration : the Belgian Queen Elisabeth Competition, which this year is for voice.

And on Monday it all came together.  I was immensely proud of the pupils, who gave of their very best – from the moment that they had to form orderly lines to mount the stage, through to their final sung note.  How wonderfully can a performance concentrate the mind of even the most distracted pupil…

At the end of February it’s the turn of the Saint Henri primary school, Woluwe St-Lambert.  I’m looking forward to it.

Phase II of Etoiles et Voix will see one class from each of the nine participating schools creating their own piece (text and music) to be performed at the Théâtre Marni, Ixelles at the end of April. 

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