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Ode to the Unknown Brussels Driver

  • I wouldn’t want to bother you – you’ve so many things to do
  • There are texts to send and calls to make; the GPS is new.
  • So please, don’t use your indicators – it’s such a waste of time
  • For you’re the centre of the universe and every one knows your mind.
  • I’m hanging on your every move – I watch with baited breath:
  • Will you keep between the lines, or veer to right or left?
  • Why should I need you to tell me – I can read your mind
  • And if I don’t react in time – why, I must be blind!
  • So please, don’t use your indicators when you’re driving round my town
  • Why it might get safer, we’d have fewer bangs, it would bring the excitement down.
  • So carry on, oh selfish ones, and hope that I keep missing
  • And while you’re at it overtake me as I wait at a zebra crossing.

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