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Viriditas – this Friday 30th October

From Thursday to Saturday this week, the organisations foAM, nadine & gRig (the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators) will be hosting a special public meeting (they’re calling it gRig Froesjels).

The central idea is to explore what happens when art mixes with science and technology, and the public meeting is a chance to meet gRig members and experience some of its work.

The meeting starts on 29th October with a series of events that mix physical and digital realities.  It concludes on 31st October with a Data Ecologies seminar followed by an All Hallow’s Eve costumed event at the Toone puppet theatre.  And in the middle, on 30th October, that’s where I come in.  GRig will hold a formal reception in the ancient halls of the Guild of Saint Georges.  There will be gRig gastronomic refreshments, a talk by Maja Kuzmanovic (gRig’s energetic co-ordinator), and the première of Stevie Wishart’s ‘Viriditas’, a piece commissioned specially for this event.

‘Viriditas’ is for voices, hurdy-gurdy and ‘cello.  It is based on Hildegard von Bingen’s Lingua Ignota and her vision of Viriditas, the greening energy behind all life.

You are invited to the performance, which is in the ancient Archers’ Guild hall : the Grand Serment Royal et de Saint-Georges des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles, Impasse du Borgendael – Koningsplein 7-9 Place Royale, 1000 Brussels.

Dress code : mediaeval or formal attire.

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