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Project Hildegard #19 (2)

hodie aperuit – the door opens

Throughout this project, I have sometimes been surprised by the turn a particular piece has taken. This one is a case in point.

My “revisiting” of Hildegard’s hodie aperuit uses the chant melody as the basis for a kind of motet. It follows in the footsteps of many medieval and renaissance works that either set, or were based on, popular secular or sacred songs.

The motet section is placed in the middle, encased by the original chant that I have accompanied with drones. It very closely mirrors the melodic material of the chant. Does it sound like an exercise in writing counterpoint? You could call it pastiche – I prefer to see it as a homage, inspired by our musical past. I leave it to you to decide whether or not you think it works as a composition.

I dedicate this piece, with thanks, to the female vocal ensemble La Noeva with whom I have sung this little gem of a chant many times, and whose voices I hear in my head 😊.

today a closed door has opened which the serpent suffocated in woman and in the dawn shines the flower of the virgin mary.

This project is now on SoundCloud

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