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Project Hildegard: St Ursula at Lauds – the complete song cycle

Here, as promised, the whole song cycle with all eight pieces put together.

divine zeal in highest praise gave the kiss of peace to the virgin Ursula, with her crowd, among all the peopleso wherever they came to on their way they were received with the joy of heavenly paradise, because they appeared in honourable religious behaviourfrom their fatherland and from other regions religious men and wise men came to join them who kept them in virginal protection and ministered to them in all thingsbecause god had shown in the first woman how woman should be nurtured by the protection of man

because air is in flight and fulfils its duty in all creatures and the firmament sustains it and the air feeds on that strengthand so these girls were supported by the highest men bearing the banners of virginal nature’s royal issuebecause god sent his dew upon them from which came a great fame so that all people savoured this fame like foodbut the devil in his envy mocked it since he has never left any work of god untouched

This project is now on SoundCloud

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