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Project Hildegard #37(2)

Here is o orzchis ecclesia – the shining jewel, my latest revisited chant.

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For more about this project visit or listen on my Soundcloud account to all the chants so far revisited.

The text of this interesting antiphon includes five of Hildegard’s own made-up words from her Lingua Ignota. For my setting I have included a further nine of her words: curizan [jewelry settings], gragischon [bracelet], naczuon [necklace], naurizin [ring], oiralbruin [earrings], crizia [church], loiffol [people], scurinz [flame] and orschibuz [oak tree].

o orzchis [vast] Church, shielded with divine might and adorned with jacinth [curizan, naczuon, naurizin, gragischon, oiralbruin]: you are caldemia [the scent] of the stigmata of the loifolum [peoples] and a city of knowledge [crizia, orschibuz, loiffol, scurinz]. O, o, you are indeed crizanta [anointed] in the lofty sound; you are a chorzta [shining] jewel.

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