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Hildegard workshops 23-24: the apotheosis!

As some of you already know, I have had the great pleasure over the last academic year to lead a series of workshops singing Hildegard von Bingen. The mainstay of my approach has been to use the original 12th century notation to guide our interpretation – the graphics helping us to find a freedom and direction that can remain elusive when using modern editions.

Thanks to the multifaceted achievements of this amazing medieval magistra, my workshop series was attended by Hildegard enthusiasts from all sorts of disciplines: dancers, healing practitioners, performance artists, musicians, the spiritually curious – what a wonderful mix of talents and perspectives!

After eight workshops, we came together for a final time during the mini Hildegard festival in the Brussels Cathedral (May 24th-26th), when we sang in the 11:00 mass on Sunday May 26th. Surrounded and supported by two superb exhibitions (still running until the end of June), Hildegard’s spirit was with us as we sang. I was deeply impressed by the work and enthusiasm of the group – and immensely proud that they could all understand and sing from the original notation by the end of the process.

Here are some nice visual reminders of our workshop moments together. A big thank you to all the participants, and to the Brussels Cathedral for hosting us in the Chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance (what a joy!) – and in particular to Xavier Deprez for his vision and support.

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