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Author Archives: Penelope Turner

Kurt and the Sophisticated Lady is back!

Kurt Weill, tomorrow in Naarden, NL. Thank you to deMess for ending our six-month exile…

o virtus sapientie Here is one for all those currently seeking wisdom… antiphon to divine wisdom: o wisdom, that circled circling and embracing all in one path, filled with life – you have three wings: one flies up high, another brings freshness to the earth, the third flies everywhere. All praise to you, as is […]

Project Hildegard #17 (2)

ave maria – relatively space Here, just in time for the feast for the birth of the Virgin Mary, the ave maria revisited. I decided that this chant was quite busy enough already, and so there is no rhythmic accompaniment this time – rather some somewhat trance-inducing cello and voice held notes and bourdons. And […]

Project Hildegard #17

ave maria The birth of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on September 8th. Here, in her honour, is Hildegard’s responsory, ave maria. This is the third responsory that I have so far recorded during this project, the others being o clarissima mater and o viriditas digiti dei. Although it follows the usual structure of a […]

Project Hildegard at the Brussels Cathedral

I’m absolutely thrilled that I was able to sing my arrangement of Hildegard von Bingen’s quia ergo femina at the Brussels Cathedral this morning. It’s the first time this arrangement has had a public airing. We performed it in a version for voice and organ (the original arrangement is for six voices (see yesterday’s post)). […]