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Author Archives: Penelope Turner

Project Hildegard – Saint Boniface…

And here’s the chant for Saint Boniface (whose feast day was on Saturday, June 5th) that I revisited last year (#11 (2)) #hildegardvonbingen #chantrevisited #ilovemycello o bonifaci – it runs and flows o boniface, the living light saw you, like a sage, who returned to god the pure rivulets flowing from god when you watered […]

Project Hildegard – Saint Maximin…

As I continue to work on Part 2 of o jerusalem – city of gold, I repost a chant that I revisited in honour of Saint Maximin’s feast day (which is today) a year ago (#8 (2)). Such a pretty sequence. I thought of it this morning as I saw two pigeons (sorry, doves) up […]

Project Hildegard #34 (2a)

Part 1 of o jerusalem – city of gold is finally ready! The long Whitsun weekend, accompanied by wet, stay-at-home weather, allowed me to complete half of this lengthy eulogy to Saint Rupert. This is the first composition that I’ve created using the digital audio workstation Ableton Live – I have taken my first hesitant […]

Project Hildegard continues…

Today is St. Rupert’s feast day, but sadly, despite my best efforts, my revisiting of o jerusalem is not yet ready. I shall be working on it this weekend, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I re-post another chant for St. Rupert that I revisited for voice with cello accompaniment about a year ago: o […]

Project Hildegard #34

Here is a lengthy, but rather wonderful, sequence in honour of one of Hildegard’s favourite saints: St. Rupert. I post it today, in the hopes that by the time his feast day comes along (May 15) I may have managed to revisit it… This chant is incomplete in the Dendermonde facsimile – there seems to […]