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Author Archives: Penelope Turner

“Winter” – a concert experience

This weekend, my good friend and colleague Jos Somsen and I will be performing our “Winter Experience” concert twice in the Netherlands. Candlemas – a time to celebrate the return of the light after a winter of darkness with music by Hildegard von Bingen (both “pure” and in my arrangements), Yiddish songs, beautiful images of […]

Project Hildegard #45

#45 is an antiphon to God the father. This chant will feature in Ut Sol‘s upcoming concerts in the Netherlands on February 2 and 3. See here for more details. o magne pater O great father, we are in great need. Therefore we now beg you, we beg you through your word, by which you […]

Project Hildegard #27(3)

I have revised my revisiting of alleluia – o virga mediatrix. Here’s the new version: alleluia – o sweet illumination alleluia o branch and mediator your holy body has overcome death and your belly has illuminated every creature in the beautiful flower that rises from the sweet wholeness of your sealed chastity This project is […]

Project Hildegard #44(2)

I have finally finished my revisiting of o presul vere civitatis, a sequence in honour of Saint Disibod. Sequences are long chants (this one is made up of 12 melodically-paired sections) and they would have been sung just before the Gospel, as part of the Eucharist. I presume that this one would have been sung […]

Project Hildegard #44

Here is a sequence in honour of Saint Disibod, whose Saint’s day is coming up on July 8th. Disibod had a special significance for Hildegard and this is one of five chants that she dedicated to him. The sequence is made up of 12 melodically paired sections. I’m looking forward to revisiting it. o presul […]