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Europe in Brussels

As chance would have it, our debut of Stevie Wishart’s new version of ‘Europa’ coincided with open days at the European Institutions.  How appropriate for us to be retelling the Greek myth of Europa in the centre of Brussels this last weekend !

In its current musical form, ‘Europa’ is intended for concert performance.  However, with the help of La Bellone’s wonderful lighting expert, we were able to semi-stage Stevie’s work.  This created a very special atmosphere and heightened the dramatic elements in the music.  It also allowed us to give a good idea of Stevie’s final ambitions for ‘Europa’ – namely that it be developed into a larger piece for musical theatre.

The covered courtyard of La Bellone proved to be an ideal venue for the piece, both acoustically and visually.  It is a truly amazing space that you should pop in and visit if you have the chance.

And it was quite an experience to be performing under falling silver confetti…

My sincere thanks to the team at La Bellone for their help and support, and many thanks to all who came to the show.  For me it was an evening to remember.

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