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Project Hildegard #38 (2)

Here is my revisiting of o rubor sanguinis.

I wrote this piece with the people of Ukraine in my heart. It is an anthem that honours the life and courage of those whose blood is spilt, whose lives are ruined. You are my grandfather, my father, mother, son.

#standingwithukraine #stopthewar

For more about this project visit or listen on my Soundcloud account to all the chants so far revisited.

o rubor sanguinis – the flower’s blood

I have revisited Hildegard’s original chant (see my previous post) and added new music inspired both by the chant and by Hildegard’s lingua ignota – a language that she invented to reinvigorate the words that were important in her world.

o red blood, that flowed down from that height which divinity touched: you are the flower that the winter of the serpent’s breath never withered

rubianz loifolum – blood of the people

phazur – grandfather

peueriz – father

maiz – mother

scirizin – son

fronix – brother

miskila – sister

fanschol – maternal uncle

pleniza – paternal aunt

neniz – grandchild

forinz – husband

kaueia – wife

aieganz – angel

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